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A Converted Bathroom
Remodeling for ADA Compliant hanicap conversion
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Custom Solutions for Your Accessibility Needs

Perfect Bath Solutions, a major accessiblity contractor, offers a wide array of customized solutions addressing all kinds of accessibility issues. For accessible bathrooms we provide complete construction packages from planning thru installation. Contact Us with questions or to schedule an appointment. 847-642-1300.


Complete Tub to Shower Conversions

Let us remove your old bathtub and replace it with a shower base. We install regular acrylic shower bases with or without built in shower seats. We also install the new barrier and the new low barrier 2" lip shower bases for easier accessibility. We also offer a complete line of complimentary products such as curved shower rods, grab bars, shower benches, shelves and soap dishes to further assist and make life easier for the disabled and caregivers alike.


Convert to an accessible shower


The Walk Thru Insert
On Existing Bathtub

Another solution we offer is the Walk Thru Insert. The Walk Thru Insert converts any tub to an accessible shower, installs in one day, and offers substantial savings over a full tub to shower conversion. We can install complimentary products along with the ADA Compliant Walk Thru Insert©. For more information about the Walk Thru Insert, Click Here.


Acrylic Tub and Wall Liners

The acrylic bathtub and wall liners we have available install over your existing bathtub or shower, and walls. The acrylic is much more resistant to water damage, mold, and mildew than traditional wall tiles and tubs. Maintenance, comparatively, is also a breeze. Just spray and wipe. Shelves, soap dishes, grab bars and benches can also be installed into your new tub and walls. We use only the highest quality bath lining products manufactured with the latest in polymer technology for durability and ease of maintenance.


Accessibility Aids

We offer a full array of ADA compliant accessories such as grab bars, assorted shelving and soap dishes, shower benches, and curved shower rods. Any assortment of accessibility aids can be added to your conversion project for a bathroom that is not only accessible, but custom-made for how you use it.


Perfect Bath Solutions for the Elderly and Handicapped

We offer a full array of conversion remodeling services to best suit your needs and budget. Feel free to contact us today to begin planning your new ADA compliant bathroom with one of our experienced consultants. 847-642-1300.




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Handicap Conversion, Bathroom Remodeling

Perfect Bath Solutions is an Illinois distributor of the Walk Thru Insert, an evolutionary product for elderly and handicap bathtub conversion. Installers available in the Illinois area. Remodeling services available to individuals and institutions.

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